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Worldwide transport with our air ambulance jets – around the clock

Healthcare is not available to the same extent all over the world. In remote and critical regions in particular, frequently, in a case of emergency, the best possible treatment cannot be guaranteed. On other occasions, a long course of illness may require an international transfer to another hospital to ensure the best possible treatment. UNICAIR is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every year, we perform several hundred air ambulance flights worldwide to bring patients home safely.


Unicair is certified with the EURAMI certificate. It confirms the high standards of air ambulance operations, safety-, aviation- and employee management.

Air ambulance jets for patient transport


In the event of an emergency, a smooth workflow is required for a rapid and safe aeromedical transport. You can always rely on our experience and teams of physicians – whatever the distance between us. We can offer you a safe bed-to-bed service and the best possible support.


We are available for you by email 24/7. You will receive a transparent offer from us with an overview of the costs within a short time.


Our medical team will evaluate the patient’s suitability to fly as soon as you have confirmed the booking.


All the conditions are now fulfilled to ensure the safe air transport and the medical care for the subsequent ground transport following the flight.


Unless agreed otherwise and logistically feasible, we consistently carry out our operations from the sending to the admitting hospital (“bed to bed”) to provide you with the best possible care during every moment of the transport.



Whether it is special transport services for relocation purposes or foreign repatriation from a remote area – emergency situations require rapid assistance. We are by your side with air ambulance flights worldwide. For this purpose, we operate with a state-of-the-art fleet with extensive medical equipment. Our medical teams consist of trained intensive care physicians and specialists to provide you with the optimum care before, during and after the flight and until admission to hospital.

The technical equipment for the special transport services is required to fulfil several requirements. In an emergency, nothing should be left to chance. And that’s exactly how things are at UNICAIR. We are equipped with medical equipment for all specialist patient transport services:

  • Premature babies and transportation of children
  • Bariatric patients
  • ECMO patients
  • Ventilation over long distances for patients who require intensive care.

We transport patients who are suffering from exceptionally severe infections in our state-of-the-art mobile transport isolation system, the “EpiShuttle”.



For the transportation of patients who are suffering from exceptionally severe infections including COVID-19, we use our state-of-the-art transport isolation system, the “EpiShuttle”. The EpiShuttle is an isolation system with a modular design which is also reusable. It was developed by anaesthetists/intensive care physicians at the University Hospital of Oslo for high-risk applications and for the daily transport of patients with multi-resistant pathogens. The EpiShuttle offers significantly more comfort for patients than other products due to its larger interior, and additional clearance due to its hard plastic hood, its multi-adjustable stretcher and its greater width. The system is also ideal for use over long distances. In the case of infectious patients, the system works with negative pressure: the air is drawn in at the head of the device through a filter system and dissipated at the end of the bed through filters. At the same time, it is also possible to work with overpressure in order to protect patients with weak immune systems.

Disinfection of the EpiShuttle:

After returning from the mission, the entire cabin is nebulised with hydrogen peroxide. The Epishuttle is then unloaded and taken to our decontamination area, where its hood is removed and set to one side. A hydrogen peroxide nebulisation then takes place. All of the belts and fastenings are removed and disinfected. The lower part and the hood are completely wipe-disinfected. Mattresses are replaced. Following the disinfection, swipe samples are taken and analysed. The unit is only reequipped and able to enter use again once this check has been passed.

COVID-19 - protection of patients and crew:

  • Strict compliance with our COVID-19 guidelines
  • Short-term PCR tests for the entire crew
  • Weekly fogging of the ambulance, including all equipment
  • Regular ATP swabbing of equipment
  • COVID-19 screening form for patients and relatives

International repatriation by air ambulance requires several different components to interlock smoothly. The UNICAIR team is by your side until the final admission at hospital, ensuring the safe admission at the destination hospital, including the provision of all the patient documentation. Our operational and administrative team will be pleased to assist you with coordinating a hospital admission.


To be certain of providing holistic care all the way through to the destination hospital, we also organise worldwide delivery and collection with professionally-equipped ground ambulances on request. Whether it is on the ground or in the air – our experienced intensive care physicians and nurses give their all for the good of your health.


The evaluation and assessment of the risks prior to a medical operation are a key challenge. At UNICAIR, this is the responsibility of our experienced and qualified medical directors. Every mission is associated with individual challenges. Our key goal is to fly our patients home safely and to admit them to the hospital in a better condition than prior to their departure.

Patient transport with the air ambulance jet


  • Configuration: up to 1 stretcher (max. 1 ICU)
  • Cruise Speed: 450 kts/ 830 km/h
  • Cruising Altitude: 45.900 ft/ 14.000 m
  • Range: 1.631 nm/ 3.020 km
Learjet 35A
  • Configuration: 1 stretcher (max. 1 ICU)
  • Cruise Speed: 460 kts/ 860 km/h
  • Cruising Altitude: 45.900 ft/ 14.000 m
  • Range: 2.540 nm/ 4.700 km
  • Configuration: 8 pax or up to 2 stretchers (max. 1 ICU)
  • Cruise Speed: 460 kts/ 860 km/h
  • Cruising Altitude: 43.000 ft (13.106 m)
  • Range: 2.050 nm/ 3.800 km
  • Configuration: 10 pax or up to 3 stretchers (max. 2 ICU)
  • Cruise Speed: 470 kts / 870 km/h
  • Cruising Altitude: 41.000 ft/ 12.500 m
  • Range: 3.700 nm / 6.850 km


One common goal: to fulfil our customers’ highest aspirations – regardless of the place and time.


We recruit our medical staff according to strict criteria. In addition to at least three years of professional experience in intensive care medicine and current employment in the clinical environment, our teams complete specialist training courses for aeromedical care. We select our pilots just as meticulously. Flying means everything to us – but so does your life.

Pilots, dispatchers and medical staff for aeromedical care

UNICAIR - always at your service

The company UNICAIR GmbH & Co. KG accompanies you during the toughest of times.

Medical Technology

All the aircraft in the UNICAIR fleet are equipped with medical equipment which fulfils the requirements of sophisticated intensive care. That includes invasive and non-invasive monitoring, ventilation equipment and a sufficient oxygen supply for the long-distance transportation. The permanent double stretcher design also allows two patients to be transported simultaneously with little additional workload for the medical team. The latest medical equipment for intensive care transport is used, which is installed on a modular basis for each flight, depending on the medical requirements. This ranges from defibrillators to high-quality intensive care ventilators and syringe pumps, through to transport incubators for infants and isolation units for highly infectious patients. We also carry equipment for mobile blood gas analysis on every flight.

Medical equipment for intensive care transport


The human need for safety is considered our top priority; it is ensured through the technically competent and careful maintenance in our EASA Part 145 certified maintenance facility, and offers you every safety-related service from one single source: the mechanics, electronics, engine, propeller, avionics, interior design and paint. We don’t just carry out the inspection and maintenance of our own fleet according to the highest of safety standards; customers throughout Europe also place their trust in our expertise. In addition to this, every UNICAIR flight is operated by two experienced and highly trained professional pilots. Our jet-engine business aircraft are equipped with pressurised cabins and certified de-icing systems.

Professional pilots in front of a ambulance jet

Risk Assessment

It is necessary for the risk management for medical flights and international patient repatriations to be assessed and documented as accurately as possible. For this purpose, we work with the internationally-acknowledged cloud software solution IQSMS. This software supports all parties in the entire process chain in terms of the reporting, compliance and risk management, and allows for the evaluation of airports and the monitoring and analysis of the flight data.



Ensuring the safety of our patients and crews is the most important part of our work. We therefore follow a structured risk assessment process at all times.


Our Safety Management System is a key component in the identification of hazards and risks and reducing them to an acceptable level.


When making decisions in critical situations, we proceed according to the FORDEC system (“Facts, Options, Risks, Decision, Execution, Check”). This method, which was developed by NASA, can also be applied safely in stressful situations.


On the systems side, all issues surrounding safety, risk and quality management for aviation and medicine are managed centrally using our cloud-based IQSMS electronic system, which also fulfils all the standards of the GDPR.


As a leading company for air ambulance flights, we work on behalf of more than 150 insurance companies, providers of assistance services, governments and other business partners who have placed their trust in us for many years. We carry out flight operations for our customers all over the world, also to remote and at-risk areas.

Our 24/7 alarm centre is available to assist you around the clock:
Phone: +49 6122 5384 500

UNICAIR Ambulance jet

Private enquiry

Have you or a person who is close to you fallen ill or suffered an accident abroad? Is a scheduled flight out of the question? Talk to us! Our multilingual team will prepare a transparent offer for you in the shortest possible time without any hidden costs. We provide you with comprehensive advice and take care of all the formalities. Our highly qualified team of doctors will assess your airworthiness for the safe transport. We can also organise the transport to and from the issuing to the admitting hospital on request.

Our 24/7 alarm centre is available to assist you around the clock:
Phone: +49 6122 5384 500

Pilot and medical personnel for air ambulance flights

Careers at UNICAIR

Working at UNICAIR means growing with new challenges. As an individual and as a team. Whether it is on the ground or in the air – with us, you can put your strengths to good use.

Aeromedical crew in front of an ambulance jet

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We look forward to hearing from you. Send us an email. A contact person from the relevant specialist department will get in touch with you.


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